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Ministry Of Sound

Ministry of Sound Australia is the nation’s leading dance music institution - the trend setting and taste making stereo machine, responsible for unearthing all things new in electronic, house, dub, and club oriented music. If it’s dance music you’re after, they’ve got you covered!

Bringing the latest club sounds from around the world to your stereo, through an offering of compilations, singles and artist albums, Ministry of Sound Australia are your AAA pass to the world of dance. The best tunes from the biggest artists, across every genre call Ministry of Sound home – their specialty? Packaging up the best of what is out there, with what will be the best in the future.

Setup way back in 1999, Ministry of Sound Australia has been responsible for most, if not all of the major past dance music movements throughout the country, and will undoubtedly be responsible for many more. Although still pushing their sound out across all traditional formats, Ministry of Sound more than sufficiently cater for all your digital desires, going beyond digitising their physical catalogue, offering a diverse range of exclusive digital-only content. They’ve done all the sleuthing and club hopping for you, so all you have to do is click, download and enjoy the ride.